Palestina Mexicana


I fight for a free Palestine!

Oh, but you’re Mexican…

I was born in Sonora in 1994, yes. I am Latinoamerica. I am postcolonial Nueva España. I am brown, but not the “terrorist” type of brown: I’m more like the “crime. drugs. rapists… and some I assume are good people kind of brown”.

Oh… but if you’re not from there, why are you so interested?! That’s so funny!

Funny like the father begging for just one more minute with the dead body of her 2-year-old daughter. This man lost his wife and his daughter, Nour Hasan (30) and Rahaf (2), to yet another Israeli airstrike on a densely populated city in Gaza. Now that’s funny!
It’s true though; I’m not “from there” as you say. I’m sorry if you’re expecting me to pull an “exotic” story, a heroic tale, a distant relative, a blood match, any kind of link to this land. As if basic humanity wasn’t enough of a reason.

Oh… I hear you. But what about “your people”. Isn’t there so much to do in Mexico? I don’t wanna be critical but isn’t it hypocritical of you? I’m just saying.

Refugees in Syria, conflict minerals in Congo, child labor in India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan, repression in Iran, killings in Kenya, piracy in Somalia, drones in Afghanistan, bombs in Yemen, islamophobia in France, russophobia in Finland, Xenophobia in Australia, drug-lords in Honduras, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Canada, the Czech Republic and Cuba, dead prostitutes in Guatemala, Machismo in Mexico, kidnappings in Colombia, militarism in North Korea, labor exploitation in China, beheadings in Saudi Arabia, racism in England, patriarchy in Japan, sectarianism in Iraq, war in Sudan, genocide in Myanmar, Kurdistan, and the Central African Republic, Homophobia in Russia, healthcare in America, education in america, gun control in america, prison in america, Goldman Sachs, Ferguson, Rasmea Odeh, climate change, native americans, Trump and the Kardashians.

YES! There is stuff to do. So why don’t YOU come and help out too? Why are you implying that by being born within this imaginary lines -a geographical accident, a whole constructed socio-political role-playing game. These imposed identities; labels! – Why does a piece of paper gets to decide who lives and who dies? Whether a Syrian boy will drown in the Mediterranean or not.

Here’s the thing. People. You have to understand. Mom, aunt, brothers, sisters, friends. Like many of you here I am not from the Middle East. And no, I’m not a Pro Palestinian activist because I’m Palestinian.

I am a human rights advocate because I’m human.