I observed perplexed as two people were fighting about what was a worse hate crime: to persecute someone for their weight or for their height?

So, I wanted to jump in but how? I ain’t got the numbers, and I was too lazy to look em up, so I decided to evaluate what’s the worse crime based on the victim’s controllability of their condition –problematic, but that’s what I did.

If one is more easily “changeable” than the other, assuming we can observe significantly more cases on average for one of the two categories where the condition is not fixed but rather modifiable… is that the winner? Is that my answer, my truth, and my reasoning?

The numbers sure tell one good story, but what other elements are part of the equation that we are not seeing? I wanna see the whole(r) picture, and maybe I just need to put my holistic glasses on to see a solution to this dilemma.

My biztech degree has opened many doors for me and given me access to many powerful tools for data analysis and strategic decision making… but as I swim from software to software as a majestic cyborg, I want to become human again. I want to be holistic in my brainstorming, my planning, my observations, my analyses, my methods, my experiments, and then, violently challenge my results.

I don’t have the answers. There are no absolute truths, no absolute facts. This is only what I grasp, what I am choosing to believe, still eternally biased by my own experience.

I’m entering a goth hardcore punk hole with my ideology and music. I don’t think I’ll emerge from it in one piece; As I start breaking down into a rawer version of myself I wonder how many people don’t recognize me already, and how many will know me less and less every day. There’s a feeling in my stomach, and it wants out.